A Perfect Fuel & Gas Delivery Solution for ThinkGas

Customized App Development | Web Development | API Integrations | Booking Management Automation

We at HashStudioz created mobile and web applications for ThinkGas. It is an environmentally conscious company, which aims to benefit its users with the supply of clean fuel. The users can choose to opt for CNG, domestic PNG, commercial PNG, and industrial PNG from the app or website itself and the users will not have to visit the gas station to book or get the gas. Not only will the users be able to make online bookings with just one click, but also they will be able to make easy payments with the help of different payment options available on the platform itself.

A lifestyle & Self-care App for JoyScore

Mobile & Web App | Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Fitness Tracking System | Activity Tracker

The team of HashStudioz created mobile and web applications for JoyScore. It makes it easier for the users to track their overall level of joy and receive a personalized activity program, and it helps the users to reach their fullest potential. With the help of JoyScore, the users will be able to take care of their minds, body, and life on a daily basis. For a personalized journey of life, mind, and body, JoyScore is your one-stop solution.

Complete Transport Management System for Logistics Companies - Shield Dispatcher

Custom Software Development | Dashboard Integration | Data Analytics | Vehicle Tracking System | Booking Management APIs

We at HashStudioz created a complete dashboard for shield dispatcher, i.e., a transport management system and transport companies can register here to get started. The dashboard comes with heaps of benefits. As a transport company, you will be able to add the details of the customers, shipper, and consignee, raise an invoice and send it to the customers. Not only this but it also allows the admins to track the driver and the history of the loads, with the help of the drivers' app that we created for the same. If you have been looking for a one-stop solution for the transport management system, then a shield dispatcher is all you need.

Custom Software Development for Travel Businesses - Rezofy

Travel Planning App | Hotel Booking Platform | Flight Search & Booking Integration | Payment Gateway APIs

The team of HashStudioz created mobile and web applications for Rezofy. It is the one-stop solution for travel businesses which helps them to stay ahead of time by making the booking process easy. The travel agencies can make the best use of it as it will help to make them make bookings for flights, cabs, hotel stays, and buses with one click on the same platform. The users will not have to stress about making different bookings from different platforms.

A Perfect IoT Solution for Smooth Hotel Check-ins - GoKeyLess

Custom IoT Development | App & Web-based Dashboard | Smart Lock Automation

HashStudioz created mobile and web applications for GoKeyLess. The application makes it easier for users to check into hotel rooms without the help of physical keys. With a simple tap on the phone, the users will be able to get through the hotel automation system. No KYC is required for the same, and it provides several facilities to book hotel rooms. The moment a user books the room with the help of GoKeyLess, the information of the user is available to the hotel and this saves the time of the hotel management as well as the users which otherwise they would’ve spent filling the details manually. The users will no longer have to wait at the reception area to collect the keys, GoKeyLess has made it easy and quick for the users to book the hotel and get to the hotel without making any interactions with the hotel staff.