Know Our IoT Hardware Design Approach

Research & Discovery

Our process of designing IoT hardware starts with a kick-off meet to understand their core requirements. Our experts discover the pain points of their project and gather effective insights to build a productive plan to develop their end product.


Rapid Prototyping

Our IoT development experts know how to visualize and transform an idea into a real-time product that is impactful and productive. We ensure to meet the core standards of engineering while doing rapid prototyping and facilitates the product development with qualitative measures.


PCB Design & BOM

Once the prototyping of hardware design is successful, we verify the progress through PCB design verifications. This will include the evaluation of the materials that fall within the budget, while using the parameters necessary to implement design efficiently.


Prototype Production

The iterative hardware production starts from this stage where you have a clear blueprint of your IoT product. In this stage, our experts will implement every crucial element to transform the design into the next iteration, including the key performance parameters of the product.


Utilizing The Top Iot Hardware Prototyping
& Designing

Here at Hashstudioz, we ensure to bring value to your IoT products by using the trending’ prototyping and design tools.

Form Labs SLA

Our IoT development engineers use accurate dimensional analysis to generate precise 3D prototypes using FormLabs SLA.

FDM (fused deposition modeling)

To deliver the hardware prototypes more quickly and accurately, our IoT experts use FDM printing. It is cost-effective, efficient, and a widely popular tool for 3D prototyping.

Altium Designer

To ensure the accuracy and proper functioning of electronic designs, we utilize Altium Designer for creating PCB boards.


Our team is well-versed with the latest tools like EasyEDA to enable a smooth workflow from simulations to schematics..

Eagle PCB Designer

To create printed circuit boards, we enable schematic diagrams to fit right with components and prototype designs.

Oscilloscopes & Digital Microscopes

We analyze the working of IoT features through oscilloscopes and digital microscopes along with the signal testing throughout the hardware circuits.

Logic Analyzers

Our hardware engineers ensure to check every component in the circuit through logic analyzers to smoothen the debugging process.


To easily collaborate and share latest hardware designs, our team uses Onshape, which is integrated with cloud sharing. It generates links to share the visuals easily and quickly.


KiCad helps in designing the prototypes with more impact and ease. It is an open-source, cross-platform tool with flexible configurations for hassle-free use.


Git is a perfect platform that our IoT engineers use to fulfill the core requirements of their product development process. From technical pain points to firmware information, they have got access to all the latest files for multidisciplinary IoT projects.

We offer Iot Hardware Prototyping & Designing Services.


Less expenses, more benefits

Our hardware prototyping and design solutions come with immense benefits for your project such as avoiding hardware expenses, time saving processes, and assured quality from latest testing criteria.


Your trusted IoT partner

We go beyond prototyping, supporting you across the entire spectrum of IoT project development. And once deployed, our customer success team will support you for the lifetime of your device.


Expert support from IoT pioneers

Our IoT rapid prototyping solution has been developed from over 10 years of IoT engineering innovation, collaborating with clients to develop, test and deploy IoT solutions in challenging environments.

From concept to prototype, we’ve got all covered.

We focus on every necessary step that can enhance the development of your product. And hence, our IoT experts streamline the workflow in an effective way.

Additional processes in hardware prototyping

Enrich your product development process with our complete IoT prototyping solutions.


Precise Hardware Design

From ideation to designing the prototype, our experts provide bespoke designs to meet your actual product requirements.


Advisory Services

Our experts are always ady to help your business with the most impressive device design and development.


Device Certification

We make sure that our hardware prototypes meet all the necessary certifications and device compatibility compliances.


Deployment Services

Our hardware prototype engineers deploy solutions with hassle-free process and success further to meet the project requirements.


Device Onboarding

From design to development, our experts ensure to onboard the device and deploy the IoT functions seamlessly.


Technical Support

We have a team of tech experts who know A-Z in between hardware designing and integrations even after deployment.

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