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Electric Vehicle Software Overview

The world is changing quickly, and the development of electric vehicles is one of the most recent trends that is now transforming the automobile industry.

Many countries have already begun to make huge investments in electric cars. Almost every second vehicle sold in the automobile domain is actually an electric vehicle.

At Hashstudioz, we help in developing the latest transition for the new world of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Software Services

Hashstudioz is providing leading solutions for the entire EV Ecosystem, enabling the end-users and EV-based companies in
empowering their products and services.

Charging Stations

For many electric vehicles, we install low, moderate, and quick chargers. We don't worry about the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and work with partners to install charging equipment that suits their needs.

Retro Fitment of Electric Kits

Hashstudioz installs electric kits in bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, auto-rickshaws, trucks, jeeps, and LCVs (light commercial vehicle).

Battery Banks

We work with lithium battery OEMs to provide you with high-quality lithium batteries for your EVs of any kind - 2/3/4 wheelers on a swapping basis.

Retail Outlets

We sell the required components for electric vehicles through our franchise network of retail outlets.


We have a network of partners that manufacture and assemble lithium batteries, electric motors, and 2/3/4 wheeler electric vehicles.

  • GPS monitoring and tracking device to monitor EV
  • SMS integration with EV charging Events
  • Online Battery monitoring system
  • Vehicle Management system for the fleet operator
  • Remote monitoring of EV charging station
  • Customized EV software development

What do you need to launch the software


Payment system

Ease of payment, allowing secured online transactions between you and your customers, both via the app and the website.


Online checkout

To submit transactions to the relevant tax authorities.


SMS and e-mail newsletters

Customers notifications about the company's campaigns, direct contact between company and client.


Server rentals

our DataBase will be hosted on this server.

Discover the supreme features and benefits of EV
Software solutions by Hashstudioz Technologies


Fast Charger

Fast OCPP Compliant, Elegant, Compact Design and Sleek Charger.


Smart Charger

Smart cloud-based, RFID-based, QR code verification, and personalized billing chargers are all available.


Safe Charger

Safe Quality Rugged & Outdoor rated Safety Standards Compliant Charger.


Simplify your operations

Customize every function to your fleet's needs. Real-time monitoring, help updates, and up-to-date analytics are all available from our personalized dashboard.


Roam Freely

We'll help you get started with motor scooters, motorcycles, e-bikes, and smart locks. Our IoT connects to big global suppliers and informs micro-mobility vehicles on the market.

Why Customers choose
Hashstudioz Technologies

At Hashstudioz, a promising startup working for the environment is ready to serve you with the latest manifestly superior technology. A group of prudent businessmen and experts creates a platform to motivate and thereby expand the reach of India's electric vehicle industry.

The need of the hour is to make friends with nature. The population is wellPK educated and aware, rather awakened enough towards the alarming degradation of the environment. Hashstudioz aims to make our country's people habitual of the pollution-free modes of transportation. We aim to give our bit with heart and soul towards the development of INDIA’s EV ecosystem.

From charging stations to lithium battery swapping stations, providing retro fittings for setting up an EV fleet, we hereby are geared up with a lot more for paying gratitude to the environment. Furthermore, to facilitate our customers, we will be inculcating the AMC and other consultancies.

Our Passion

The world is already adopting EVs at a fast pace, and we would like to contribute to making India a leading EV-enabled country.

Our Commitment

We are committed to working across the EV Ecosystem to ensure we have a healthy future for our next generations.

Our Capabilities

Promoters and Associates come with varied backgrounds and skill sets that we feel are key to our success.

Frequently Asked Questions About EVS

How do I set up an electric car charging station?

In a 3x3-kilometer network, at least one charging station is required. Furthermore, every 25 kilometers on both sides of highways/roads, one charging station must be installed. One Fast Charging Station on either side of the highways should be accessible for long-range and heavy electric vehicles. Charging stations should be situated in transportation Nagars and bus stations in towns.

How fast can an Electric Car/Bike go?

When you're pedaling, you can go as fast as you are able to pedal it. As pedaling at 20 mph, however, most bikes cease offering electric assistance (Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes). Any can assist you up to 28 mph (45 kilometers per hour – Class 3 e-bikes).

What are the different services offered by you?

For both types of electric vehicles, we are the top manufacturers of EV chargers and Lithium Batteries. We set up charging stations as well as battery switching stations. For EV charging apps, we provide consulting and software solutions.

How do you calculate the power consumption of an electric car?

The average energy is determined by adding the acceleration and braking energies. We get the average energy consumption of the vehicle, 137.8 Wh/km, by dividing the last measured amount of total energy (3205.39 Wh) by the total duration of the WLTC drive cycle (23.266 km).

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