Industrial IoT

At HashStudioz we are working with factories and plants to deliver smart solutions, In this case study we are going to share the detail of the industrial 4.0 project which we recently completed. This project aimed to develop and deploy the solution leading to increased transparency of plant operation.



Business Use Case

Customer Challenge: Management was at remote from this Plant, Customer wanted to know the real-time breakdowns on every assembly line with some other parameters such as production count, rejections count, OE calculations, etc.

Constraint: Timeline and budget.

Hardware: Siemens PLC S -300 and Pro-face HMI

Solution Approach

In collaboration with Adept Engineers we studied the life cycle of part which was getting manufactured, we had multiple discussion with plant management and analyzed critical data which should be captured. We deployed the IoT gateway for getting data from Siemens PLC, Pro-face HMI, and other SENSORS. Since we fetched the data from PLC, HMI, and used raspberry pi 3 as gateway we could deliver the solution in the customer budget without adding any expensive hardware.

OE calculations were managed at cloud , User friendly dashboard was created to display following data

Machine Activities

Current Health of lines and Plant

Production data


Salient Attributes

Data shown in the dashboard is dummy data, which is used for designing and display.

Partners: Adept Engineers

In case anyone looking for a similar solution, please feel free to contact us

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