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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Top Reasons Why Digital Transformation is Essential for Business Growth in 2022

Digital Transformation

Companies traditionally used to operate the old-fashioned way, but then Covid happened, and the world was forced to shut down. As a result, companies, and SMEs have to shift their operations to a digital platform to survive in the “New Normal.” 

Furthermore, As the times are quickly changing and the world is shifting towards a more digital and streamlined era, the need for companies to follow suit is inevitable. And to accomplish this mission, digital transformation is the only way. Enterprises today have already begun digitizing and automating their services and operations to tackle the competitive market.

Among many other things, digital transformation can facilitate better cooperation between companies, enhance customer engagement, boost productivity, and help you in collecting and analyzing data for better strategy-making that will directly lead to business growth. Let us take a deep dive and learn how digital transformation can be the key to success for SMEs in the year 2022 and how Hashstudioz Technologies can be your companion for your automation and other software development services.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is adopting digital tools and operations to reach strategic business goals. It constitutes everything an IT company requires, right from internal processes to customer interactions. It defines how a company utilizes its technology, workforce, and other functions to provide value to its customers and uses recent technology to optimize work efficiency in business to drive growth in new and existing markets.

Digital transformation has become a vital cog in the modern technological era. Everyone can benefit from digital transformation, whether a small business or a large enterprise.

Rise Of Digital Transformation

The demand for digital transformation has been increasing exponentially. According to a study conducted by the World Economic Forum, the combined value of digital transformation for both society and industry is estimated to reach $100 trillion by 2025. Moreover, according to a survey conducted by Dell’s Digital Transformation Index in 2020 with a survey group of 4000 different businesses backing them up. They found that eight in ten firms have significantly fast-tracked their digital transformation projects in 2020, with covid being a driving factor.

This indicates that automation is not a choice but more of a fundamental business strategy that must be threaded into every part of an organization. 


Here are some points on why digital transformation is a game-changer for large, medium, and small business enterprises.

Digital Transformation

Increase Productivity Among Employees

Optimizing the workforce efficiency is a crucial factor for an organization, especially when your staff is scattered across different places. Digital technology plays a pivotal role in helping workers optimize their primary functions both in and out of the office making employers more productive and facilitating growth. Automation allows departments like accounting or HR to shift from manual to automated processes. It enables the employees to be more productive and enables leaders to focus on more business opportunities. 

Better Customer Experience

Enhancing customer experience is a gigantic part of digital transformation. Delivering an improved and unmatchable customer experience separates successful organizations from unsuccessful ones. Digital transformation ensures an efficient customer experience by designing and automating customer experiences and building more agile delivery journey transformations. Moreover, It also increases the speed and agility of the insights generated.

In fact, 92% of top entrepreneurs stated that they employ extensive digital transformation strategies to enhance and improve customer experience, according to a study conducted by SAP.

Enhanced Security And Privacy of Data

Security and data protection is one of the topmost priorities of any IT organization. This can be an extremely complicated task that requires strict access protocols, data compliance, and protection from attacks. Hackers are becoming more and more proficient with each passing day and can better maintain anonymity. They are finding new ways to break firewalls and are equipped to break into systems more efficiently. This is all the more reason to innovate and reinvent new techniques to store and process data without any third-party intervention safely.

Digitization allows companies to design the security architecture in such a way that it works for both in-office staff and at-home staff on personal networks and devices.

Drives Better Decision Making

Companies are now acknowledging the benefits of big data and starting to reap the benefits through digital transformation. The digital transformation uses structured and unstructured data to develop personalized and valuable results. This also enables agility and real-time feedback. Businesses can now collect a tremendous amount of data through different streams, the Internet of Things (IoT) being one of them. 

With this data pool being stored in servers, companies can now process these data sets with high-end analytical tools that contain several AI capabilities to process and analyze data and information. The more advanced tools are implanted in business operations, the greater the results and reliability they can provide.

Enhance Business Relations

As the demand in different domains increases, the competition between companies is always at a “cut-throat” level. As a result, companies need to rely on each other. Companies work with different suppliers, distributors, specialized consultants to produce products and services that interest customers.

Managing these partnerships usually requires hectic document-based communication. This process is traditionally an exhausting task that can decrease efficiency. Digital transformation allows companies to organize better, manage, and track operations between firms while ensuring better relations and strengthening partnerships between companies.

Why Choose Hashstudioz For Your Automation Needs

For the last few years, Hashstudioz has been the go-to name when it comes to digital transformation and automation needs. We are a best-in-class software development company that is known to deliver industry-grade reliable software services for a variety of different domains.

We hold a team of skilled software professionals capable of creating and delivering high-achieving software customizable according to clients’ needs.  

Wrapping it up

It goes without saying that digital transformation is the next step in business evolution. Furthermore, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, markets worldwide have seen a major shift towards digitization and on-demand facilities. At Hashstudioz Technologies, we work relentlessly with our clients and help them acclimate quickly and grow in this dynamic digital environment. We are a proven software development company built upon a foundation of skilled experience and expertise that provides high-end results and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

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