Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a network of physical objects and computing device that use sensory system and application programming interface to connect and spread the data within the organizations.

HashStudioz’ Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and consulting services help organizations to boost operational efficiency and provides data security and internally connect organizations.

We at HashStudioz design application program and interfaces that are used to provide internet tocomputing devices. In Internet of Things our developed technologies tools are Big Data Technologies tools, predictive analytics, machine learning, Smart Lock System, Smart Security System, Smart Thing System, and Automatic Car Tracking Adapter.

Industrial Automation

We design Internet of Things to support your organizations in various way these are:

  • Our special IoT platforms and architecture System

    Our cloud based IoT platforms and architecture connects the real and virtual worlds. They providea platform, the data security, manage computing device connection and helps in data collection. Our IoT application development services are helpful to synchronize backend system with computing devices, to build and run IoT applications.

  • Data Supporting System

    Smart device generates massive amount of IoT data and it is hard to manage and to analyze all data system in real time and provide security to them. HashStudioz have experience and capability to design IoTbased applications that control and manage IoT data to provide real time availability to the users and help them in Big Data Analytics.

  • It supports Industrial Internet of Things

    In manufacturing industry IoT becomes Industrial Internet of Things, also known as Industry 4.0. IIoT in manufacturing industry connect different machines to make it remote monitor. IIoT integrates the internet and machines to make manufacturing process easy and efficient.

Our IoT Offerings in Different Sector