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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Web Scraping Robotic Process Automation Is All You Need To Scale Your Business

Web scraping is a technique to extract a large amount of website data and save it to a local file or database. Because of its purpose, it is also known as screen scraping, Web harvesting, and Web data extraction. Businesses tend to look for a competitor’s website or specific website for valuable information. But most websites data can only be viewed, there is no such functionality of copying this data for personal use. Hence, a tiresome activity of copy and pasting of data is required. That can be easily done via Robotic Process Automation within a fraction of time.

The web scraping software is designed to automatically load and extract the required information. Hence saving your energy and time.

Here, we are going to see how businesses are leveraging web scraping along with some Web scraping tools that help RPA developers in collecting critical business data available on the web.

In short, by the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea of 

  • Web scraping use cases, and
  • How you can get benefits from Web scraping data

Yeah! Who doesn’t want to stay ahead of the competition? To be very frank, one needs to take intelligent decision making rather than just hard work to excel in the market.

Robotic Process Automation Technology is what going to help you in the process. Enterprises across industry verticals require a large amount of data to gain insights about customer preferences, data-backed marketing decisions, optimize processes, improve their product and services and more.

It’s time to see the impact of web scraping service in businesses Today.

Web Scraping Use Cases

Web Scraping Applications

Web scraping/ Data scraping use cases can be seen in various industries today. Whether it’s to see the industry trends, customer feedback about a particular product or service web scraping proves to be your smart decision-making tool.

Common usage of this Robotic Process Automation technology can be seen in:

  • Lead Generation (Sales)
  • Stock Markets (Finance)
  • Research and Investigative Journalism (Media)
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Retail (e-commerce) businesses 

Lead Generation

Robotic Process Automation

A business is a lot more than selling a product or service. You need to take care of a number of things sidewise. And finding a quality prospect is a big deal especially for B2B businesses. 

Businesses try multiple options for generating leads. And need to copy and paste the details from their favorite source of data. Here comes the service of web scraping to reduce the time and increase the efficiency of the task.

The scraping program when deployed properly can collect the required data from lead generation sources like social media, search engines, websites, business listing directory & store them in some database.

It’s important to note here that with a properly deployed program we are talking about the proper logics that are essential for hot leads and filtering of only valuable data.

And we are very pleased to inform you that at Hash Studioz you get the experts from having such logic to generate leads for your company.

Stock Market

Robotic Process Automation

While 18% of US adults invest in the stock, India is on the way to increase their percentage from 2%. Online you may find various details on investment, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. 

In the stock market, you cannot make money by selecting wrong investment plans, you need a lot of analysis.

And to analyze the data, first, we need to have the data in the first place.  

To rescue the stockbrokers and the avid investors’ web scraping do the job. Our specifically designed web scrap programs on stock markets will collect market indexes, groups of stocks, specific stocks, or all together depending on the need.

We also deal with scraping financial news websites for analyzing and predicting market sentiments. In short, we make you stay ahead of competitors and other investors.

Research and journalism

Robotic Process Automation

Journalism is a field of staying updated. Every single day they need new stories, latest happenings and all to be first in the market. Researchers demand the same level of industry updation.

And to maintain their name, they look for data from several reliable sources. Sometimes the documents and data are available on the open-source platform and again they require the hard work of getting those data into some meaningful format.

Hence, to do the smart work, scraping is again what you need.

Travel & Tourism

RPA in Travel and Tourism

In travel and tourism, the use of data extraction is extensively used. We all know how pricing differs from one travel portal to another. 

The majority of the traveler nowadays look for the price on various online travel portals before making any final decision. 

Hence, besides the service quality for travel enterprises, it becomes essential to be ahead of their competitors.

People like to research about their upcoming trip. They tend to check out the reviews by other travelers regarding food, hospitality, and other services. 

The smart travel businesses are upgrading themselves. Leaving the traditional methodologies to collect the reviews, data, destination details they are adopting the smart Robotic Process Automation for this. Not to forget that the price of hotel rooms and flight fares are keep changing every now and then.

Web scraping programs can automatically collect data about reviews, ratings, most liked and disliked tourist attractions, etc.

Meanwhile, if you are having a travel based business, then check out this blog to get your business live in 3 Days.



Like the travel industry, E-commerce too demands you to be stay updated on various data and facts that your potential customers are looking for.

The reviews of the products that you are dealing in, the price of the same product on various other platforms and more. 

Data-driven crawlers are capable of automatically scheduling the regular crawls and organize the details.

Nowadays price comparison websites are leveraging this automated RPA process. 

Even coupon sites use web scraping to avail their users best deals by assisting them in finding the most profitable coupons.

This is not limited to coupon sites or price comparison sites. Any digital business can eavesdrop on their competitor’s latest products and offers, trends, etc. to understand their strategy by collecting data about the same.

The benefits of online scraping are not limited to the private sector even the various government organizations are scraping data for different use cases. You can also leverage it in the Insurance and healthcare segment.

As you can see, Data scraping is widely used on various online and offline verticals. Data-driven businesses are benefiting the most.

Other enterprises are setting up separate data science department because they can envision the benefit and importance of data.

Through the help of this blog, we made an attempt to throw some light on the scope of automating your business. 

“Your business too can leverage the data automation?”.  Still not sure? 

Experts of Robotic Process Automation technology at “Hash Studioz Technologies ” are open for any further discussions.

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