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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Things You Must Look Into An Online Travel Booking Software


Travel booking software is crucial for any travel agents and consolidators. While on one hand, it connects with customer interfaces to accept search requests, it integrates with systems used by suppliers like airlines, hotels, cruises to control and distribute their inventory.

Because of its very functionality to connect consumers and travel providers, it is the highly required software for the travel and tourism industry.

Travel businesses aren’t like others, hence you need to take special attention to what will be the features of the software automating the whole booking process.

And in this article, we are going to let you know what are those features you must look for if you are planning to excel from the competition and scale with the next-generation travel booking engine.

Well, First checkout how an online booking tool helps you in your travel business transformation.

How the Right Software Transforms your Travel Business

  • Automate Tailor-made offers processes.
  • Automate supplier inquiry & confirmation process.
  • Sell even when you’re on holiday.
  • Help you Quote 7 times quicker.
  • Provide API/XML Integrated Suppliers.

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Key Features You Must Ensure To Include In Your Booking Software


Dynamic Packaging – Consumers will leave you if you don’t allow dynamic packaging on your travel booking portal. People want to get their booking done in one go for related needs like flight, hotels, car rentals and other. Facilitate them to combine different travel products within the same booking flow. 

Content Mapping – Extracting information from multiple channels is the basic function of online booking engines. But in the process, because of data inconsistency across different suppliers- GDSs, consolidators, bed banks, hotels, etc the same inventory got listed under different names. This is where content mapping will let you process the inventory lists internally or externally.. 

Payment Gateway Integration – Ignoring this feature may cost you more loss. As a booking travel booking engine doesn’t process reservation payments. And to allow secure and reliable online transactions during the booking process, you need to integrate with multiple payment gateways.

Multi-language SupportTravel isn’t limited to a particular region. And to attract many customers you need to accept and process queries in multiple languages. 

Booking management – As its name suggests, This is the crucial feature of your travel booking software. It includes the ability to modify reservations like changing dates, adding extra travel products after booking as well as the facility of cancellations.

Superficially, It may seem all booking engines do their job the same way but their workflow may differ significantly, depending on factors such as

  • Customized business rules
  • Pricing rules
  • Suppliers a booking engine works with
  • Additional functionality and customizations

Hence, make sure you have a booking management that have the flexibilities to match your business plans & supplier listings!

Suppliers– The list of suppliers that can be integrated both in B2C and B2B. including hotel content suppliers, flight suppliers, transfer suppliers, rental car suppliers, travel insurance suppliers and tours suppliers.

This is all you must look into an online travel booking engine.

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