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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Strategies You Need In Your Theme Park Marketing Plan


Theme park is a business that works majorly on its attraction quotient. The more attractive and exquisite features you will provide the more chances it will reach to a wider audience. Well, that’s not completely true!

There are many theme parks that do not have even grand attraction points but are generating good revenue. All because of the strategy they implied to market their theme park.

When you build a place where kids, adults and everyone is able to find some relaxation and entertainment, and find very few visitors coming and buying the park tickets, then it creates frustration.

At this point rather than de-motivating yourself, put your focus on the right strategy building that will attract lots of visitors and let you grow with the theme park business.

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Key Strategies You need to Market Your Theme Park

As technology with its latest inclusions is making businesses succeed at higher growth the same applies for the Theme Parks. With new tech-era you can implement some of the techniques and feature-driven services to attract your target visitors.

Most of the points mentioned below are dedicated to strengthening your online presence and grab the attention of the majority. From better UI/UX to mobile friendliness to social media presence all are vital today. So, stay tuned and explore all one by one:

A Better and Interactive User Experience

A Better and Interactive User Experience

Something that separates your Theme Park and provides it with a unique distinction is the unmatchable user experience.

It is one of the most important strategies to follow upon. So design an interactive user experience consisting of well equipped components merging of physical as well as virtual entities that are able to engage the visitor and make them to be in awe with the experience they get to witness.

With Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and AI based concepts you can upscale and upgrade your Theme Park user experience.

Enhanced Website Development

Enhanced Website Development

It is equally important to have a well crafted website presence for your Theme Park that allows the user to have a first hand insight and view of the services that they shall be availing at your Theme Park. 

Develop an interactive website that is enabled with features like high quality images, video of the attractions, discounts running of fares as well as testimonials of the visitors. 

These interactive features displayed on your website lets your visitor be happily engaged with what you are willing to offer and raise the factor of curiosity amongst them. 

Including integrations for Ticket Booking, Cashless Payment, Safety And Maintenance Management.

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Social Media And Other Promotional Activities


Social Media plays an important role in the engagement of your business as today it has allowed the reach of businesses to broaden its horizons and allowed it to scale their growth at the multidimensional front.

Keeping a well updated and informational social media engagement for your users is where you will have to put together your efforts. Make your social media channels an effective medium where your business gets highlighted with the latest in-demand services that you bring for your visitors.

You can bring promotional activities too that are showcased to the audience via online media presence. These activities include discounted fares, coupon codes and other on demand featured promotional activities.

Optimise Your Mobile User Experience


The expansion of internet and mobile have brought together the new era of visitor satisfaction allowing the businesses to work upon and build an optimised mobile operating experience.

A premium mobile user experience is what matters the most for your business as it provides easability, usability and enhanced operational experience.

It also includes the development of mobile based applications for various mobile operating system platforms.

Create and kick Start a Solid Marketing Plan


Having the ability to develop technology based services is not just enough to succeed well in your business. You also need a solid marketing plan as well as a well experienced team that is capable of handling your marketing strategy. 

The marketing strategy needs to be well formulated with offline as well as online segmenting where the business is able to drive upon the demands of the market and is able to work upon the latest implications with strategies such as mobile marketing, sales, offline marketing.

Grow Your Local Outreach


It’s important to market your theme park with the local businesses that comprise the hotels, restaurants and other market attractions that surround your theme park. Providing a source of additional engagement for your visitors as well as generate mutual benefit for the businesses.

  • Spread awareness and engagement activities with social media and local media press releases for your theme park.
  • Provide promotional and offer based schemes in collaboration with the local businesses like hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other vital entities for better visitor engagement. 
  • Formulate strategies based on the analytics performed on the data gathered allowing you to have a good perspective of what services the visitors are looking for most at your theme park.

Include Ads to Upscale your Digital Media Reach

Theme Park

Take the engagement level of your visitors a step further, with the most liked, shared and watched content of your theme park activity getting promoted via digital media channels.

This allows you to further your reach amongst your audience and also promotes your business to a larger visitor.  

You can work on the mentioned strategies for upscaling and enhancing your Theme Park business and be able to boost its resources with technology-enabled services and allow your visitors with utmost satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do theme parks attract customers?

A. There are various ways to attract theme park customers. You need to Think local. As majority traction comes from locally. That’s why it is said that Theme and amusement park marketing is all about geography.

You should put your focus on Local media outlets, neighbouring attractions and the hotels in your area. Connect with the regional press and take every opportunity to get coverage for your theme park.

At the same time you cannot miss the major opportunity that comes with online marketing. Put the best performing ads on Social Media to attract more and more customers.

Q. How do I improve my theme park?

A. Like any industry improvement is a continuous process in a theme park, but there are certain things that you must work on to provide a better and advanced experience to visitors coming at your theme park. To mention few:

  • Add new rides from time to time to pull visitor’s attention.
  • Offer some enticing promotions.
  • Work on providing better guest experience.
  • Make the services fast, like reduce lines with cashless payment options. 

Q. How many acres do you need for a theme park?

A. Well, It depends on your theme park design and layout. Are you planning to build a waterpark, Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Dollywood or other type of theme park?

To give an idea, Disneyland occupies 85 acres of land.

You will also need to consider the major rides (e.g., Jurassic Park ride, Back to the Future ride) and exhibits (e.g., World’s largest fruit display) you want in your theme park? 

So, it’s better to make a plan of your theme park type, major rides and other key considerations. Very shortly we will come up with a dedicated article on this specific question.

Q. Which theme park makes the most money?

A. As per Statista, Disney Parks and Resorts continue to dominate the industry when it comes to revenue generation, but other companies are gaining in popularity.

Like Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida was the world’s most-visited theme park in 2018, with a whopping 20.8 million visitors.

Q. How do you start a theme park?

A. Starting a theme park business requires lots of planning and smart work. Follow the steps below, if you want to get it right:

  1. Plan your Business.
  2. Form a legal entity.
  3. Register for taxes.
  4. Open a business bank account & credit card.
  5. Set up business accounting. 
  6. Get the required permits and licenses.
  7. Get Business Insurance.
  8. Define your brand.
  9.  Establish your Web Presence.

Hope you have found this article helpful while strategising and scaling your theme park business. Hashstudioz has already worked on large theme park projects. And is here to help you with both of the strategy and automating the park operations. Interested to check our key modules? Click here

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