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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile E-Commerce Application


When we talk about e-commerce companies, the sky is the limit. People are now shopping online in larger numbers than ever before. This statement is true for all companies globally. If your online business does not have a mobile e-commerce application then you miss many opportunities, Thanks to the Internet’s power you can reach consumers at any time, anywhere from any device. However, the type of device you choose to target your consumers can be detrimental to your business.

It’s no secret that smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives. According to recent research, more than 90% of adults in the United States own a mobile phone, with 81% of those using smartphones.

In this post, We’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should develop a mobile e-commerce application in order to keep your brand and website relevant in the next years.

Take a look at the market statistics for a Mobile E-Commerce Application

Here are some reports on the state of e-commerce mobile app development and its future possibilities.

-According to the App Annie research from 2015, the eCommerce mobile app business produced $ 41.1 billion in sales in 2015, and this figure is expected to climb to $ 50.9 billion in 2016.

– According to Statista research, the eCommerce mobile app industry’s total yearly sales will reach $ 400 billion by 2024.

According to the above stats, it is clear that the mobile app market will continue to grow revenue in the coming year and so as well as the trend of e-commerce mobile app development.

What really is an eCommerce Platform, and how does it function?

An eCommerce platform is a software application that handles core business functions to allow the buying and selling of goods online.

Many operational and customer-facing operations are unified by modern eCommerce systems. They offer analytics and reporting,  order and inventory management, customer support, financial accounting, and more.

The most popular eCommerce platforms like  Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce provide many options for customization on top of drool-worthy SEO. When picking a website, load time, mobile usability, multi-channel connectivity, and marketing features are all crucial factors to consider.

Mobile Apps for eCommerce: Their Importance and Benefits

Mobile E-Commerce Application

Thanks to modern technology, mobile applications are becoming more important for growing businesses to satisfy increased market needs. Let’s take a moment to consider why you need a specialized app for your e-commerce business:

Easy to Access

Mobile phones are easy to carry, and it is now trendy to connect to a smartphone application instead of shopping online. The use of mobile applications improves as well, thanks to the simplicity with which they can connect.

Consumers who use a mobile app do not have to remember long URLs or register each time they visit the site, and the performance of an app is faster than that of a website. It provides excellent customer service and overall excellent service.

90% of customers prefer mobile apps to websites

People prefer mobile applications to websites because they are more convenient. When it comes to shopping, eCommerce mobile applications are simple to use and don’t require you to visit an internet site. What else is there to say? To visit the shop, you don’t need to remember the URL or login credentials. Mobile applications are also faster and more secure than mobile browsers.

Collecting customer data is easier with mobile apps

A business mobile app makes it easier to collect and analyze user data so you can better understand customer preferences and purchase behavior and manage your business accordingly. You can also send users notifications about new arrivals, discounts, and offers based on their specific interests. This can help you boost conversion by up to 12% from the same amount of visitors.

Mobile Apps Enhance purchases using built-in features

Integrating your eCommerce mobile applications with the device’s built-in features, such as GPS, Calendar, Microphone, Camera, and so on, can improve performance even more. These features help in providing the most advanced communication and an enjoyable app experience. A calendar or access to the relevant measuring camera can be used to establish a sales date directly on a user’s smartphone.

Mobile Apps Make Payments the Most Convenient and Secure.

E-commerce mobile applications make it simple to pay using credit/debit cards, UPI, smart wallets, and other built-in secure payment solutions. It is undoubtedly easier for a user to store all of their account information in the app instead of multiple times filling out the same form on the website. Payment-related data is also stored fully encrypted, ensuring the highest degree of data protection. Furthermore, Touch ID Technology allows mobile apps to remove the possibility of fraudulent credit/debit card use.

Push notifications

We’ve discussed before that one of the elements of an m-commerce app that increases purchases is push notification. When a new product is released or if a product is on sale, push notifications serve as a constant reminder to customers. It helps increase sales by informing individuals about various offers and discounts. When a push notification is sent to their devices, most consumers visit the app, according to studies. As a result, a mobile e-commerce application’s push notification feature has become critical.

Global Presence

Don’t just have a mobile-friendly website. Mobile applications have been shown to be two times quicker than websites, implying that they reach consumers faster. When customers promote your business app on social media, it instantly boosts traffic to your website.

If you’re worried about the cost of creating and maintaining a mobile app, there’s some good news. There are a lot of low-cost mobile app developers on the market who can help you improve the user experience and engagement by regularly updating the mobile app.

Improved Customer Service

If you want to attract Millennials or Generation Z, you must provide extraordinary levels of help and immediate customer service. You’ll need to provide them with all advanced features to make their purchasing experience rich and engaging, and you may do it with an E-commerce Mobile app.

Apart from a great shopping experience, your customers may access customer help 24/7 through a basic support work area or client assistance in your application. The mobile app development company may work with APIs to provide much-needed features that will improve the app’s functionality.

Customer loyalty

It’s difficult for your customers to remember your website’s URL, therefore mobile applications provide a better way for them to connect to your services. Users will have access to your services at the touch of a finger if they download your app.

You can also operate various loyalty and reward programs for users directly through the app, in addition to the convenience of connecting. These services will only be available to users of your mobile app, enhancing their loyalty to your organization.

Use in Promotions

A company is always going to remake itself by coming up with fresh ways to attract customers and keep them interested. A mobile app serves as a single channel for sending notifications, information, advertisements, and offers to clients. Various assessments can be made based on the customer’s response, comments can be prompted, and consumer patterns can be evaluated, all of which can help with the advertising plan.

Top-Rated Ecommerce Developers will help you create your mobile e-commerce application. Hire our best-in-class E-commerce development services to provide your customers with a great shopping experience!

Top-Rated e-commerce developers will help you create your Mobile E-Commerce Application

Hire our best-in-class E-commerce development services to provide your customers with a great shopping experience!

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