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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Opportunities During COVID Pandemic – On-Demand Apps

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I am of an opinion that irrespective of position, situation, type of work, the COVID pandemic has shaken everyone to the root. More precisely, even if the lockdown is lifted and market activity resumes, the majority of us would prefer to adopt a precautionary lifestyle.

While I am penning down thoughts together below are the numbers globally.

Coronavirus Positive Cases: 7,000,000+

Death : 400,000+

graph of covid increasing cases

As mentioned above, approximately 7 million people have been infected with the virus, and as we can notice it is increasing still at an alarming pace in some countries. All efforts to stop the spread and casualties are proving to be minuscule against corona, be it lockdown or social distancing or preventive measures.

Gradually it is like “learn to live with it”, Corona is not going to suddenly call it a day grant independence.

Impact of COVID Pandemic on Various Industries

Some Industries are affected very badly and business might collapse while some can survive and level up. The below chart gives a very neat picture of the industry affected and the level of effect.

impact of covid on various industries
Source: -Infographics, for EGYPT, but it is global trend.

Irrespective of the nature of the work, we have learned to WFH in this tough time, and all the current practices of staying home, staying safe, and self-isolation have completely changed the way we meet, discuss and operate.

Starting from the software companies to schools to BPOs to yoga instructors to zumba to retail kirana shops, we can notice a difference in their modus operandi, i.e an attempt towards a contactless transaction.

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Opportunities that COVID brought for many

Organizations and Individuals have adopted the change and it is depicted from 2 of the most prominent behavioural changes i.e. WFH for professionals and Digital Education for Students.

Announcements have been made by some of the big companies that they will operate from home forever or for at-least, 1 year from now, wherein some of the companies have announced that up to 74% of their workforce may not be required to travel to office resulting in a lot of time and cost savings for the organizations and at the same time will increase the opportunities for women.

Apart from that, we have noticed a few more changes that have hidden opportunities for many of you:

  • Online shopping
  • Infrastructure at home – Laptops/iPad/Devices for Educations
  • Improved bandwidth and connectivity requirements
  • More requirement for “Serve at Home” providers
  • Online food delivery
  • Quick break entertainment solutions for professionals working from home
  • Digital Education – Non-core studies. Vocational courses, Training, etc.
  • Short duration courses – delivered via Video and in Call sessions.

Looking at this, we can foresee that, one of the segment which will see a sharp growth is ON DEMAND APPS. that may provide solution for the above requirements, so now the question is..

Do you have an idea? We help you execute it fast
Why wait when Hashstudioz have prebuilt On-Demand App Solution for you.

Let’s Connect!

Can you start, retain, or grow business by introducing an App?

start, retain & grow business with an app

It is a big Yes, by transitioning and adopting Digital.

If you fall in essential services category, be it Products or Services? It can be a boon because the new normal is distancing and consumers can not live without being served.

Let us take example of a Grocery or Milk delivery service provider? During the lockdown, they were still able to generate leads and get business while traditional business was finding it difficult to attract footfalls.

It is not about the current crisis only, with the digital economy growing, the online ordering and delivery apps are going to stay and new services might also get added to the kitty. Solutions will be required for hyperlocal delivery of already crowded areas like Pharmacy, Grocery, Food but at the same time, newer categories might surface e.g. Fuel, Alcohol, however, this should be a call which you can take i.e. what all solutions and ancillary products and services can you offer within the gambit of law and compliance.

If your nature of business is so and falls in any of the categories, that your business needs an on-demand app, it is right time to think and implement it so that you can best facilitate your customers in such uncertain times and restricted mobility. It also ensures that you don’t fall behind, as other essential good providers succeed in catering to customers.

Meanwhile, you can checkout our Top IoT development trends 2020, if you are interested in leveraging the increasing demand of IoT apps.

Talent Mapping? Match an app idea with your natural Skill?

With everyone going digital, it is going to be a race on getting visibility in the online space and hence more and more businesses will need support from digital marketing specialists for their domain.

So if you can offer the services in a digital way to such upcoming and transitioned customers looking to go and grow digital, it can be a huge potential at the individual and organization level.

Looking at the current and future expectations of consumers, It will become imperative for SMEs to change the business model on how to collect orders, share available inventory and also deliver your services to your customers, at the doorstep, with minimal contact.

How hashStudioz help you in your app based business

Depending on the trade you are connected to, you know the needs better however team HashStudioz will be happy to discuss, brainstorm, and vet your ideas in a conversation you can plan with us.

Whether it be teleconferencing, food, laundry, pharmacy, grocery, apparel, or the healthcare industry, an app is the first step towards offering remote services. and we help you build android, ios and cross platform app that people use to take your service.

Act Now!! There will be no better time to establish an app-based business

COVID-19 isn’t just a health emergency. It is also a global emergency for economies and is hurting at root level. The majority of small businesses are finding it hard to stay afloat with the current restrictions imposed in countries across the globe.

COVID And Lockdown have given us what we can never buy or find out in our routing lives – TIME, so stay home and stay safe, Use the time to build a business that wasn’t this feasible earlier.

Our many new clients have started locally first and are now expanding with our ready-to-use ecommerce app. If you have any similar idea in mind contact us and we will be happy to discuss, share our views and feedback, understand the scope and work with you on feasibility analysis.

Vivek Sanghi
Passionate first generation entrepreneur, engineer by education, with flair for sales, business Development & CRM. Working experience of selling software products/applications & development services; possessing hand on experience with both domestic and International markets. Customer handling skills, make me fit for any sales & relationship management job and this is what I do at HashStudioz & REZOFY. Sales, CRM, Partner management. Interest ranges from B2B web applications to end consumer facing tools; Most of the not-at-work time is spent in Socializing, assisting friends family with IT and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem development.

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