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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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How To Build A Successful E-learning Platform Like Udemy and Coursera


With the dramatic online shifts taking place, education is bought into a more modified way. Today, people prefer to do e-learning that can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere at their own time & space convenience. 

In continuously evolving education systems around the world, The global e-learning market is projected to reach $336.98 billion by 2026.

No doubt, numerous online platforms had opened up the sphere and provided the students with an immense opportunity to upscale their learnings while generating revenue. 

And because of the COVID pandemic, the online education market has seen a j-curve. And now when investors know the potential of an E-learning platform like Udemy and Courserayour eagerness to build a successful e-Learning platform is obvious.

And in this article, we have tried to provide you all the required information that helps you build a portal like Udemy and Coursera. Stay tuned!!

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Steps to build an e-Learning platform Like Udemy & Coursera

E-Learning Platform
  1.  Understand the requirements 

Understanding the requirements is the basic step while building an e-learning platform. It’s crucial to know the depth of your platform, what kind of courses you want to add. Ask if you want to capture an industry-specific market like all courses and teachers that are into mathematics, chemistry or so.

Providing a marketplace help you garner much more profit even if you go specific subject niche like:

  • Computers & Technology.
  • Businesses & Entrepreneurship.
  • Writing and content creation.
  • Arts and crafts.
  1. Structure Pricing Policy

Develop a well-priced policy, As it gives you an idea of the revenue sources and how you can build your business either on free or open access to learning.

At times there are platforms that provide certificates that are not always free online learning marketplaces like Udemy or Coursera raise money majorly through these structured paid courses and certificates.

3. Provide Functionalities 

E-Learning Platform

To know and comprehend how to build a website like Udemy, Coursera, or others you will have to look closely at the core features of these eLearning platforms. The below-mentioned functionality will help develop a rich feature-based and optimal eLearning portal.

  • Auto-Select Search: Provide users with the latest advancement that allows them to get their query quickly detailed with the autoselect search feature.
  • Filter Categories: Provide a well-subjected filter that allows users to filter their requirements at ease. With options like Course type, Topic, language, Features, and others.
  • Rating & Feedback System: This feature allows you to know how well your users can connect with your portal and what their response is.
  • Easy sign-up for Students & Educators: Provide a smooth registration process that allows the user to easily get access to their requirements without wasting much time on the process of sign up.
  • Teacher & Student Profile: Give an interface for the students as well as teachers to showcase their profile detailing. With some key features, It allows building a good relationship amongst them.
  • Сourse Page: Develop a well-crafted course page that contains the details in a very presentable and interactive way.
  • Structured Dashboard: Create a well-structured dashboard that contains all the details of a user’s activity also providing them with analytical data. Including details like courses completed, test results, assignments done, study hours completed.
  • Multiple Payment Modes: Provide your users with a more secure, convenient, and multi- payments mode that allows them to make payments at ease.

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4. Select Your Development Cycle

To build an eLearning website or application you can go with two approaches. One is the scratch build up and the other is pre-built solutions available.

  • Custom software development

If you want several services to be provided as well as create a unique setup for user engagement then custom software development is your best bet. Creating it will take a lot of time and thought process but the end-result will be what you were looking for.
Developing your website or application under custom development allows you to incorporate any of the requirements.

  • Pre-Made Solutions

With the pre-made solutions, you can develop the required system with the various available pre-made options that can be utilized for the development based on the different eLearning platforms already available in the market. With open-source software, you can avail many free plugins that will help you develop your eLearning platform.

They are the fast way to enter in the growing market, as you may not want to invest so much time in custom development otherwise the market will become saturated.

Development phases Involved in Building an eLearning Portal


With the prominent market growth of eLearning marketplace like Udemy & Coursera, the question that arises is the technologies that are used in their development process. With the vast amount of technologies available you can choose the one that suits you best in developing your platform. Here go the 3 key development phases and the technologies:

  • Front End Development

With the availability of leading technologies to develop your eLearning architecture some of the technologies that you can avail are Ajax, Bootstrap, Angular, HTML, CSS. Under front-end development, the focus is on developing the UI/UX architecture for developing your optimal eLearning portal.

  • Back End Development

The Back-End development phase focuses on architectural requirements such as server-side handling and database management of the eLearning portal. A few of the technologies that can be utilized under back-end development are Java, Node.js, PHP, .net, MySQL. 

  • Integration & Tools 

Along with the technologies, there is the availability of many tools & integrations that come in handy for providing your eLearning portal with the defined structure and operational valuation. Slack, G-Suite, Salesforce are some of the third party integrations that can be used for the eLearning portal development.

Key Feature that helps you Build a Scalable e-Learning Platform

  • Advanced technology Inclusion: With the latest technology-enabled features you can provide a defining learning experience based on various courses for users. 
  • A competitive pricing policy that comes induced with pre-educational options.
  • A structured rating system that induces resourcefulness of the educators and quality content generation for the user.
  • Multi-language feature for the students, allowing them to learn in their preferred language.
  • A big database for the learning content.

Providing the facility and feasibility for the learners to opt-in for whatever they wish to pursue their studies on or finesse their talent or skills is what popularised the success of an e-learning platform.

With Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, and many other pioneers of the eLearning marketplace have groomed their portals in such a way that the user has been positively impacted and has led to the desired growth for the eLearning portals.

These portals have been there in the long run and have subjected themselves to constant developments that have been a valuable part of their growth trajectory.

To exceed and succeed with your own eLearning portal in reference to these big ones you will have to emphasize majorly on providing and developing your portal that counters their shortcomings along with giving more advanced and latest features for the users to enable more resources in providing them with a finest eLearning marketplace

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