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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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e-Learning Content Management Portal for Students & Professionals | Arabic & French Learning

With the onset of digitization globally, Gen-Z students and professionals are empowered by technology to learn new skills at times and places of their convenience. New Age companies are willing to leverage technology to facilitate such customer-centric solutions bridging gaps between the parties.

Business Use Case

The client approached us for a business use case where they wanted to automate one of their core product offerings. i.e. the process of finding content, lessons, classes, tutors, and eventually buy and book slots for French and Arabic language learning.

The scope defined to us included the development of a tool which on one hand would allow students to choose and book online personalized training sessions for French and Arabic language depending on the parameters, preferences and expertise level required and on the other hand allowing B2B partners/Tutors to manage such offerings. An added requirement was to embed a CRM component for managing customers, partners and helpdesk (support ticket) systems. The icing on the cake was expected scalability, robustness and needs negligible maintenance.

Solution Approach

HashStudioz team, possessing the right match of frontend and backend technology stack, proposed designing bespoke cloud-based solutions to deliver the desired solution. Basis the requirement study and business analysis, the Technical team proposed a three-layered multi-user, multi-version platform that would allow data to be managed efficiently for all the stakeholders.

Salient Attributes

1. Lesson booking system for students/professionals/learners (B2C)

2. Class Management system for teachers (B2B)

3. Admin Console

a. Pricing and Administrative control

b. Centralized employee management

c. Ticket management and

d. Support system (CRM).

Salient Attributes

Application was designing considering future requirements viz.
  • Scalable to add more languages in future
  • Extensible to accommodate new functionality & feature set
  • Create more role types & partners
  • Robust to handle exponential increase in customer and employee base

Process Implementation

We used the Agile Development methodology with the OpenProj management tool. It played a defining role in all communications, product backlogs, timesheet logging, bug tracking, document sharing, and code repository. Our sprint planning, tracking, and team velocity were managed in ProjectLibre. Daily check-ins to GitLab: we used GitLab as a custom automated deployment process consisting of all our environments: development, staging, QC-testing, and operations. For example, pulling the latest from the repository as per the applied code label and building the solutions thereafter. The deployment component was built as a group of batch files from batch programming.

About HashStudioz

HashStudioz is a digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering solutions to help companies and enterprises decipher complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey. Specialized in both Web App Development and Mobile app Development, HashStudioz fulfils all the needs of its customers starting from Consultancy to UX/UI Design, Application Design & Development, IoT Solutions, Industrial Automation Solutions, BlockChain solutions.

Vivek Sanghi
Passionate first generation entrepreneur, engineer by education, with flair for sales, business Development & CRM. Working experience of selling software products/applications & development services; possessing hand on experience with both domestic and International markets. Customer handling skills, make me fit for any sales & relationship management job and this is what I do at HashStudioz & REZOFY. Sales, CRM, Partner management. Interest ranges from B2B web applications to end consumer facing tools; Most of the not-at-work time is spent in Socializing, assisting friends family with IT and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem development.

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