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The Agriculture Sector

The Agriculture Industry Is Being Transformed By The Internet Of Things

India is the world's second-largest manufacturer of agricultural products, with agriculture employing nearly half of the country's population. A sector that has such a large effect on the economy, simply relying on climatic conditions and manual farming practices, seems to be a little obsolete, and with the growing global population,

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Manufacturing Sector

The Internet of Things and Its Impact on The Manufacturing Sector

The Internet of Things has given companies the opportunity to create innovative and integrated technologies. That enables the development of cutting-edge solutions based on IoT-enabled solutions. It is beneficial to the manufacturing industry. The Internet of Things is paving the way for advanced technological technologies and the formation of Industry

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The Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry: Application and Benefits

Patient’s contacts with doctors were restricted, until the Internet of Things, to appointments, conferencing, and text messages. Doctors and hospitals were unable to keep track of their patient’s health and make rational decisions. With the Internet of Things technologies, remote surveillance is now available in the healthcare industry. Which

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