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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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7 IoT App Development Trends You Must Explore in 2020

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If you have been in the app development or IoT industry, then this trending list on IoT app development will keep you updated & shape your career graph like never.

Do you know, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer an emerging trend today but a well-established concept and is continuing to grow.

As per Statista, IoT is now a part of every vertical and is expected to connect 21.5 billion units worldwide by 2025.

And the merge of two highly in-demand technologies is what you can not afford to ignore. 

So, let’s dive right in!

7 IoT App Development Trends You Must Explore in 2020 

Can you see a significant change in IT? From high-end industrial equipment to kid’s toys, billions of devices are now connected to the internet and are sharing data to guide their desired actions.

For example, consider a connected doorbell. To detect that someone is at the door, even if the bell is not rung and to display this data in the form of video or voice to a user, various components are involved. The detection needs to take place and the information needs to be sent, deciphered, and communicated to the end-user. However, opening the lock remotely also involves further steps to be taken in the IoT ecosystem.

As you can see IoT is capable of stirring up the digital world with its mass potential and higher data transfer rate. Hence, It’s vital to be updated with the trends. And to keep you updated, here goes the top 7  trends in IoT mobile application development for 2020 that you must check:

  1. Blockchain to secure IoT
  2. Smart home devices 
  3. Cybersecurity will be a priority
  4. Edge computing elevating over cloud computing
  5. High relevance of AI and Big Data
  6. Wearable devices will be more complex
  7. Healthcare will see increased IoT adoption

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Blockchain to secure IoT – 

IoT App Development

Blockchain is a highly secure & efficient technology when it comes to building apps that contain data on top priority & authority. The segments like banks, fund management, online document verification, and others are now majorly using blockchain. And app developers must understand how it works and what are the possibilities when it comes to developing an app for IoT.

Talking about its functionality, Blockchain is a decentralized database – that contains the chain of blocks on more than 1 PC at the same time. These blocks continuously build as new data is added. While adding new, the old blocks are saved and everybody receives a copy of the whole database.

Nowadays blockchain-enabled mobile payment apps are quite popular, as they allow users to make secure payments via wallets, credit cards & other cross border methods.

Here are a few expected future trends of Blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Trading on a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Blockchain in anti-piracy

Smart Home Devices- 

IoT App Development

You can understand how this IoT trend is overwhelming the majority by seeing its increasing adoption by those who discarded it in the first place by saying that it’s a toy of lazy youngsters. 

Intelligent thermostats and other smart lighting help conserve energy and reduce bills, because of this more and more people turn to IoT devices & its applications. 

Gardening, safety and security, air quality, water-quality monitoring, voice assistants, switches, locks, energy, and water meters are emerging very fast in our daily lifestyle.

In the past couple of years, the users of Smart gateway, Vibration sensors, motion sensors, weather sensors, smart light, smoke detectors have been increased & so the demand for the developers connecting to these devices. 

Smart home automation using IoT is helping people to manage their lives and so the manufacturers and designers change their working principles into minimizing the controlling and monitoring methods for all functions of the smart applications.

Cybersecurity will be a Priority- 

IoT App Development

While the number of connected devices is increasing, the necessity for cybersecurity becomes inevitable. In many cases, the IoT sensors collect sensitive data – like your private talk & activities that you do with these devices. And keeping these data secure is vital to winning consumer trust.

From banking details to home security, your personal information is available via the Internet of Things. Thus, each mobile app development company needs to take care of the security quotient of its IoT-enabled apps.

Though many IoT devices give little thought towards security, like encrypting data in transit and at rest.

Firewalls are required for the IoT data security, like the ones in PCs and laptops. Features like face recognition, fingerprint scan, and other biometric logins that add the security of the data and information is a new norm in 2020. Hence, App development companies need to focus on cybersecurity in their current & future projects.

Edge Computing Elevating Over Cloud Computing- 

IoT App Development

Edge computing potentially improves the security and privacy of an IoT application.

Initially, IoT devices have been based on the cloud to store their data. However, with time IoT developers and manufacturers realized the importance of storing, calculating, and analyzing data to the limit.

That involved transferring data from IoT devices to the nearby location(edge network)  rather than storing all data to the cloud. 

This local storage device(edge) can sort, filter, and calculate the data and then send all or only the required part of the data to the cloud, resulting in reduced traffic to the network.

This approach helps to better manage the large amount of data that each device sends. Apart from that, reduced dependency on the cloud helps applications perform faster and reduce latency.

Edge computing is extremely useful for industries that have remote sites, such as retail, finance, industrial, and IoT. For example, retailers nowadays look for reliable computing that can provide maximum uptime for point of sale, security applications, and inventory management for the numerous store locations on the edges of their networks.

Edge computing is on the rise, and with no wonder, industries are turning to this trending technology.

High relevance of AI and Big Data

IoT App Development

IoT is already one of the key sources for real-time data for AI applications and enables the decision of AI to be carried out.

There are billions of consumer and industrial devices connected to IoT & the amount of data that needs to be processed and analyzed is growing exponentially. IoT, big data, and AI are all set to bring great things in the future.

A good example of IoT, big data, and AI working together is in the manufacturing industry. The big data collected from IoT sensors enable AI to make decisions based on potential issues or maintenance work that needs to be fixed on machinery and as a result, the business owner is aware well in advance of any technical issues.

IoT apps are enabling businesses to drive rich experiences on top of connected devices.

Having working experience with industries & their manufacturing unit, we know what is required for increased transparency & efficiency of plant operations .

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Wearable Devices will be more complex-

IoT App Development

Wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness gadgets, and even smart rings have changed the way we interact with smart devices. Unfortunately, most of the mobile apps do not support these devices.

They are going to be an integral part of the IoT. Hence it becomes crucial for companies & developers to build functional Wearable apps for IoT that can be compatible with instant interoperability, profile management, notifications, data collection, security, and many other features and functionality.

According to a recent study, people use wearables primarily for singular functions such as checking the time and tracking exercise that can be accomplished without a connected device.

In the coming days, wearable devices used for complex tasks will be in trends, such as managing finances or manipulating home appliances, that require inputs from users to make it work as per the requirement.

Healthcare Will See Increased IoT Adoption

IoT App Development

You can see the drastic change in the healthcare industry because of the all COVID situation. And with no doubt healthcare is going to adopt applications of IoT with high percentages.

According to the Cisco Global Forecast, the internet of medical things could be expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.2% and will reach $ 72,000 million by 2021. IOT

Portable devices, sensors, medical equipment are configured to connect with IoT. Mobile apps & Virtual assistants monitoring patient health at home compatible with wearables and other IoT devices will be in trends. 

You can also see the intelligent cars capable of monitoring patients in transit along with a series of other intelligent connected devices to configure the remodelling of the medical world.

Wrapping Up

Overall, many trends will dominate the IoT app development ecosystem in the year 2020 and ahead. The consumer, as well as industrial IoT, will acknowledge a great impact and advancements. The emerging IoT devices will be the new norm in our homes & various industries especially the manufacturing one.

Though the risk of data security will also be on the peak, hence the blockchain & encryption concept should be properly taken care of while developing an app or access portal.

For sure, the scope for IoT in mobile apps is not restricted to these 7 trends.

And if you are confused about how to implement IoT solutions in your mobile apps to boost your business? Feel free to contact us. We are one of the leading IoT app development companies in the industry. 

Our expertise in various domains like android, ioS, blockchain will help you build the solution.

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